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DirectShare delivers rapid file-share and collaboration for media and entertainment professionals. DirectShare eliminates upload times, without the workflow-killing wait time associated with loading large media files for sharing and artist collaboration. Users simply save media files, and internal collaborators can access instantly via a shared link, preserving the creative flow for artists and saving time and money that is often spent waiting for data to be moved around.
Collaboration with outside partners and customers is accelerated by 10x as the secure solution eliminates the need for VPN and other slow solutions for secure sharing. The metadata-only strategy at the core of DirectCFS also enables the rapid transfer of final creative to media outlets and publishers, public relations representatives and press. This feature is especially useful in deadline-driven environments such as newsrooms or live events.
Microseconds mean millions for financial services providers, while compliance restrictions and the sensitivity of the financial data being exchanged demand the highest level of security. Traditional file share solutions are prohibitively slow for this industry, and cloud storage solutions do not support compliance requirements, but the secure collaboration platform offered by DirectShare ensures rapid file transfers while meeting regulatory standards – because data security remains under control of your organization’s IT department.
Sensitive healthcare data undergoing ongoing digitization has provided a playground for data thieves eager to exploit any and all security vulnerabilities to gain access to this highly valuable personal information. In addition, when lives could literally hang in the balance and seconds matter, collaboration between medical professionals at multiple locations is exponentially faster and simplified without technical or security restrictions.

The DirectShare solution delivers control back to IT experts in the healthcare space, ensuring that HIPAA and other regulatory standards of the healthcare industry are met by experts within those organizations – not by third party providers of online storage. The DirectShare platform also simplifies workflow for healthcare providers, removing many steps associated with the manual transfer of sensitive healthcare information from one device to another via disk- or flash-based storage media.

Global enterprise tech firms understand better than anyone that data makes their world go round. Yet many companies still rely on outdated technologies such as VPN for file transfer or trust third-party cloud storage providers as collaboration platforms for their most sensitive data. With DirectShare, enterprise companies like Nimble Storage can now send secure guest links to files and folders resting on their network. DirectShare allows Nimble’s IT department to enable their workforce to access and manage network folders externally, using administrative tools native to Windows Active Directory and existing file / folder permissions. The results speak for themselves: Nimble has managed to reduce heavy, three-hour file transfers to under 30 minutes.
Enterprise organizations, legal firms, professional services providers, government and many other verticals are focusing on their core competencies and entrusting managed services providers to optimize their back office tasks for everything from printing to to building maintenance to reception. But in the age of the global workforce, with such practices as hoteling becoming commonplace for the largest organizations, file transfer and collaboration has not kept up. With DirectShare, managed services providers can deliver a fast, efficient, totally secure user file transfer and collaboration platform to their clients.
In addition, DirectShare allows users to create a seamless look and feel for the file sharing experience, enabling MSPs to showcase their brand or that of their client — not ours. The ability to tailor a bespoke customer experience further helps MSPs to deliver a more holistic and frictionless user experience for their clients.
Those conducting surveillance for law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies, private investigators, insurance firms and other related organizations must share massive video surveillance files and collaborate on various data analytics in real time under circumstances when time could equal additional crimes committed or even loss of life.

By enabling the secure sharing of large media files and remaining secure according to these entities’ own security and compliance standards, DirectShare accelerates the process of gathering intelligence and better enables these professionals to do their time-sensitive work without having to wait for files to load to a cloud platform.

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